How The SemoHost Payment Structure Works

We understand that each person and business have different budgets to work with. It's not always frugal to make large, upfront purchases when you have limited cashflow. Or maybe you have plenty of money on hand to make a purchase, but you would like to keep your resources managed to make other purchases and acquisitions. SemoHost has created an affordable solution for either case. We want to help you and your business secure your financial resources, while also providing the tools you need to succeed. Our job is making your image and your brand more accessible online through designing the perfect website to attract the attention your business needs to excel! 

Our payment structure is NOT based on credit reports. You will NOT be required to fill out a financial report or a credit application.

Our requirements:

Your signature on our agreement of a twenty-four month installment term.

Your first payment upon signing the agreement. (With 23 consecutive payments to follow)

Here's an example of how the installment structure works, using the "Non-Profit Business Plan" pricing:

Non-Profit Plan - Single Purchase Cost Is $300 or a Monthly Payment Plan of $13.99

The "Get Started" price is the amount required upon signing the 24 month agreement. This amount includes your first of 24 payments, leaving a balance of 23 payments to be made. The rest of the down payment covers the setup cost of processing your website and installing it on our servers. 

Once you've signed the agreement and paid the first installment, your website will be designed and ready for your review within 10 business days.

Following the approval for the design, your website will then be published online and ready for full viewing within 3 business days. 

For the next 11 months you will only pay $13.99 monthly (Your first 12 months of hosting is included with our payment plan)

The 13th month you will make a payment of $63.94 (This includes your monthly web plan payment of $13.99 and a one time annual payment of $49.95)

Months 14 - 24 you will only be paying the $13.99

The 24th paid installment will close your agreement paid in full. You will only have a one time annual payment of $49.95 each year following. 

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